3 factors that are changing online learning

New infographic illustrates latest trends shaping the future of higher education and online learning.

online-learning-OLCAccording to recent data, online enrollments are growing faster than overall higher education; and today’s “typical” college freshman is no longer a rising high school senior–two trends that are shaping the future of learning, say researchers.

Rising tuition costs and an evolving workforce are two other major factors driving change in online learning in higher education, according to research released by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC).

In a new infographic release today, OLC examines the impact of the internet and changing “consumer” behavior on higher education.

“Keeping Pace with the Changing Face of Online Learning” illustrates the key trends currently driving the infusion of online learning in higher education; and perhaps provides some new insight for those interested in online learning.

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Laura Ascione