Connect offers students and instructors an array of tools to manage coursework and university life, including:

  • SmartBook and LearnSmart Advantage® Adaptive Technology: Connect contains SmartBook and LearnSmart Advantage adaptive technologies that help students study more effectively and efficiently by continually responding to students’ strengths and weaknesses, says the company. SmartBook and LearnSmart help students focus their attention on what they need to learn the most, instead of concepts they’ve already mastered. In response to customer feedback, Connect now allows students to use SmartBook while offline, offering them an even more flexible studying experience.
  • Student and Instructor Analytics: Connect Insight is now available for students, providing students with at-a-glance information about their performance that is immediately actionable. With Connect Insight, students can visualize their performance across courses and take action to improve their grades in specific courses by following steps based on the system’s analysis. Connect Insight also provides instructors with insights into individual student performance, assignment completion and scores, and section-by-section comparisons, notes McGraw-Hill Education. “These insights allow teachers to focus on the subject matter that each class struggles with the most, and offer students personalized support and additional resources to master concepts.”
  • Redesigned Student Interface: With a focus on clarity for users, Connect’s new user interface features a what the company says is a seamless integration of learning tools, placing most important priorities in the forefront. The dashboard gives students a complete view of assignments and deadlines across courses, allowing students to prioritize tasks that will have the most impact on their performance.
  • Course-Specific Information and Resources: Connect enables students to drill down into individual courses. Students can access course materials and content for each class in a single location, filtered by homework assignments, quizzes, tests, essays and other categories. Connect helps students map out their assignments and provides them with step-by-step processes for completing each assignment’s requirements. Students and teachers can also message one another through the portal.

“Connect makes it easier for students to learn at their own pace, master concepts and complete their degree all while arming professors with the insights they need to help with the student retention rate,” said Laster. “Connect has seen strong growth in usage and engagement: In 2014, unique users increased 17 percent to 3.0 million, while students submitted 77.9 million student assignments, up 32 percent. And in data compiled from independent research studies, Connect has been shown to increase pass rates by 15 percent and retention rates by 23 percent.”

Stephen Laster will be taking over McGraw-Hill Education’s Twitter account, @MHEducation, for a Twitter chat live from the lounge at 3:00 p.m. CT on Tuesday, March 10 using the hashtag #SXMHE.

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