Four new research areas could revitalize universities

A new report breaks down emerging research areas that could place universities on a fast-track to success among the competition.

universities-researchAs universities strive to stand out and attract talented students, a new report predicts that some of higher education’s top priorities will focus on ensuring post-graduation success and building online learning programs–and new research into these areas could help ensure success.

A new higher-ed market leadership report from Hanover Research identifies emerging research and innovations that are likely to influence universities, and their administrative decisions, in 2015.

In introductory remarks, Cam Wall, Hanover Research vice president of content, notes that “peer higher education institutions are making data-driven decisions to address challenges faced by college and university administrators in a rapidly-changing field.”

Looking at the research landscape in 2015, Hanover researchers identified several areas in which they feel universities will focus attention this year.

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Laura Ascione