Short term (1-2 years):

Mid-term (3-4 years):

Long-term (5+ years):

Emerging Technologies

Near-term (1 year or less):

Mid-term (2-3 years):

Far-term (4-5 years):







Each topic is further defined and explained in context within the Report. Each also closes with an annotated list of suggested readings and additional examples that expand on the discussion. These resources, along with other readings, can be found in the project’s open content database that is accessible via the free NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App for iOS and Android devices.

All the background materials for the Report, including the research data, preliminary selections, topic preview and more can be downloaded free on iTunesU.

The Report will be published in full Wednesday, February 11th, here:

NMC and EDUCAUSE say it is their hope that this research will “help to inform the choices that institutions are making about technology to improve, support, or extend teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in higher education across the globe.”

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