Through its partnership with the Associated Press, Gale is bringing the stories behind the headlines direct to researchers. Three new collections are now available as part of Associated Press Collections Online that will support research and teaching for disciplines such as journalism, regional studies, international affairs, government and politics, and others. The collections each cover a variety of international topics:

• The Middle East Bureaus Collection: provides records from the AP’s most active international bureaus – Jerusalem, Ankara, Beirut and surrounding areas – delivering the stories behind the headlines from 1967 to 2005. Included are news stories about military operations, civil and global wars, diplomacy, refugees, cultural clashes and terrorism.
• European Bureaus Collection: one of the best sources for research on the Cold War, this collection includes dispatches from Vienna, Prague and Warsaw, and reveals startling events and in-depth press analysis of pressure points in the European Cold War arena.
• Washington D.C. Bureau Part II: covers developments in the United States from 1915-1930 such as World War I, the growth of various political “isms”, the Jazz Age, the Roaring 20s, the crash of the stock market and more.

A partnership with the Oliveira Lima Library and the Catholic University of America to digitize the personal library of Manoel de Oliveira Lima, a Brazilian diplomat, historian and journalist, enables Gale to make a lasting contribution to Latin American scholarship. Long regarded as one of the finest collections of Luso-Brazilian materials available to scholars, this collection of rare and unique pamphlets is available in Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture: The Oliveira Lima Library.

Spanning the nineteenth century and beyond, this collection spotlights Latin America’s largest and most influential power, covering topics such as colonialism, the Brazilian independence period, slavery and abolition, the Catholic Church, indigenous peoples, immigration, ecology, agriculture, economic development, medicine and public health, international relations and Brazilian and Portuguese literature.

In addition, several of Gale’s celebrated digital historical newspaper and periodical collections are now available and cross-searchable on the Artemis platform, including:

• Daily Mail Historical Archive
• Financial Times Historical Archive
• Picture Post Historical Archive
• The Times Digital Archive
• Times Literary Supplement
• 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection
• 19th Century British Newspapers
• 19th Century UK Periodicals
• 19th Century US Newspaper
• Illustrated London News Historical Archive
• Sunday Times Historical Archive
• The Listener Historical Archive

More information on the Gale Artemis: Primary Sources platform can be found in the video here. Content from Gale Digital Collections is also deliverable to researchers as data outside of the product for text and data mining.

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