Here’s how to better manage your data in 2015

In response to the data explosion in higher ed—and the value to be gleaned from it—institutions are rethinking the traditional data center.

data-center-manageEveryone has heard the meme or a close variant: 90 percent of all the data in the world has been created in the last two years. As suspect as such statistics may be, they nevertheless speak to an underlying truth: We are inundated with data as never before.

And for hard-pressed IT professionals at colleges and universities, much of that data seems to be coming out of their institution alone.

In higher education, various factors have conspired to form a perfect storm of data generation: The migration of administrative and instructional functions online, sensor-driven research, supercomputing, and, most recently, the Internet of Things. How do schools store all this data while ensuring its security and recoverability? And, in an era of consumer IT, how can they guarantee that this data is available upon request?

These considerations—as well as cost—are the driving forces behind the three biggest trends in data center management in higher education today:

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