Panopto enables live streaming to iOS devices

In addition, Panopto now supports live and on-demand video streaming at up to 60 frames per second (fps). Although 60fps has become a benchmark in HD televisions, video cameras, smartphones, and live broadcasts by major media companies, online video has lagged behind at 30fps. Now, as network speeds and processing performance continue to grow rapidly, 60fps is becoming the high-end standard for online streaming. In October 2014, YouTube began rollout of 60fps streaming support for a small set of videos, but only using Google’s Chrome browser. With today’s announcement, Panopto is the first video platform to support 60fps in all major web browsers. This provides businesses and universities with sharper images, smoother motion, and broadcast-quality video playback for executive communications, industrial and medical applications, product simulations, university lectures, and more.

Video management and search for Microsoft SharePoint

To provide SharePoint users with enterprise-grade video content management capabilities, Panopto is introducing a new SharePoint app. The app enables customers to:
● Securely embed videos and playlists in SharePoint pages using single sign-on (SSO)
● Federate Panopto Smart Search and SharePoint search results
● Upload and manage videos of any size from within SharePoint
● Automatically transcode videos for playback on any device
● Efficiently stream live and on-demand video across the corporate WAN and internet
● Launch the Panopto recording and webcasting software from within SharePoint
● Access video analytics and editing capabilities

The app can be downloaded from the SharePoint app store. It is compatible with SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises, and is available at no cost to Panopto customers.

Video search federation with the OpenSearch Standard

In March 2014, Panopto introduced Smart Search, a unique video search engine that searches across video libraries and inside videos for any word spoken or shown. With today’s release, Panopto’s Smart Search results can now be syndicated to any application that supports the OpenSearch standard.

OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for describing and sharing search results. The standard is supported by leading enterprise collaboration software like Jive, and by popular content management systems including SharePoint, WordPress, and Drupal. OpenSearch is also supported in major web browsers, enabling Panopto customers to search their video content directly from the address bar in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

“Traditional search engines index only a small fraction of the valuable content in video libraries,” said Eric Burns, Panopto’s co-founder and chief product officer. “Panopto’s Smart Search unlocks this content, making video as easy to search as documents or email. With support for OpenSearch, our customers will now be able to access Smart Search results anywhere they look for content.”

Content approval workflows

As businesses increasingly embrace user-generated content for knowledge sharing and universities rely on video to record student presentations and other assignments, there is a growing need for video content to be moderated before being published. To meet this need, the latest release of Panopto introduces content approval workflows. The new functionality enables managers, faculty, and other content publishers to review and comment on videos before they’re made available for playback. This process puts businesses and academic institutions in control of their user-generated videos, ensuring that the content adheres to organizational policies and standards.

Additional improvements across the platform

The release of Panopto includes additional updates across the platform, including support for batch scheduling of recordings using standards-based XML documents, continuous synchronization of enrollments in Moodle, and expanded cloud infrastructure that enables European customers to host their video content in the Ireland-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center. More information on all of the new features can be found on Panopto’s blog.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione