Panopto enables live streaming to iOS devices

HTTP Live Streaming protocol allows universities to webcast presentations, events to iPhones, iPads

Panopto-iOSVideo platform provider Panopto has released a major update to its video capture and management software that includes live webcasting to iOS devices.

The update also introduces a new SharePoint app for creating, managing, and searching enterprise video; 60fps video streaming; search federation with a range of applications using the OpenSearch standard; and support for content approval workflows.

60fps and live-to-iOS streaming capabilities

The latest release of Panopto introduces two advances in video delivery.

Panopto users can now live stream video content from any Windows PC to iOS devices using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. This makes it possible for businesses and universities to webcast their presentations and events to iPhones and iPads with one click in Panopto’s software, to achieve mobile video in up to 60fps, and to live stream without the need to manually configure network firewalls and proxy servers.

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Laura Ascione