10 topics every college website should cover in 2015


6.) Social Life

Here is a chance for campus websites to have some fun! An abundance of current photos, videos and digital media can provide a comprehensive look at the true atmosphere of a school, notes the whitepaper. Having a dedicated social network can also be key in helping students interact with the goings-on at the school and finding new friends; it’s also critical that social media accounts be easily found on campus websites. Finally, campus websites should consider featuring virtual tours for students who can not easily visit.


7.) Sports

An outstanding athletic program can be a great way to generate interest from alumni, current students, and prospective applicants alike. By featuring game videos,  highlights, and online access to away games, students can bolster their school spirit. By featuring intramural sports and fitness opportunities, students can also see that they can stay active while attending college.


8.) Internship Opportunities

Internships are essential for many students because they provide a look into a professional settings and provide students a chance to hone their skills and develop professional relationships in their chosen fields. They also give schools a chance to reach out and strengthen ties to businesses in their communities, which in turn sets up the possibilities for guest lectures, career fairs, and off-campus education credits, explains the whitepaper. Institutions should also try to provide profiles and virtual tours of local businesses, networking opportunities, and access to school career centers and online platforms like LinkedIn.


9.) Professional Recruiting

As noted previously, it is important for schools to show how well its graduates transition into the working world. Videos of students going through recruitment interviews, teaching students about available preparatory mock interviews, and access to industry leaders (whether they be alumni or simply guest lecturers) lets students know that an institution can prepare them for post-graduation success.


10.) Alternative Lifestyles

A good campus website should also try to appeal to a diverse range of students, says the whitepaper. By displaying that your institution has a number of robust communities for underserved groups including, but not limited to, LGBT students, students of different political parties, and military programs, institutions can go a long way in ensuring that a student will be left feeling confident that they can find their place on a big campus.

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