10 topics every college website should cover in 2015

A new whitepaper breaks down 10 essential topics for helping campus websites draw in the next-generation of students in 2015.

college-website-needsInternship opportunities and alternative lifestyle information are just 2 of 10 topics a new whitepaper says are essential to a campus website that aims to boost student recruitment in 2015.

The whitepaper, released by The Kyle David Group, and titled Ten Elements Every College Website Should Have, takes an in-depth look at the challenges institutions are facing when recruiting new students.

Tips are given in detail to admissions staff that want to create a website that engages tech-savvy prospects and answers their questions about the school and the enrollment process in more creative ways than previous years.

“The demographic colleges and universities are trying to reach today have had Internet access their whole life, and many have had cell phones since they were 12 years old,” says Kyle David, founder and CEO of The Kyle David Group. “Engaging them on the web requires a more sophisticated approach that takes into account how this mobile-device friendly group likes to consume information.”

In today’s market, a good website goes beyond merely displaying information, but instead seeks to build an ongoing relationship with visitors that will keep them coming back, say the paper’s authors. In this sense, a college’s website acts as a bridge to valued potential students and their families.

A website should also capture the interests of the specific types of students that an institution is looking to attract.

The whitepaper notes that “on average, it costs more than $2,000 to recruit just one new student, making it increasingly important that the first introduction to your school–most often your website–grab your audience’s attention and supply the appropriate information in the most appealing manner possible.”

Here are the 10 key topic areas identified by The Kyle David Group:

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