New platform delivers live classes via mobile devices

Mobile learning gets a boost with increased availability, flexibility

mobile-learningOnline education company WizIQ introduced the WizIQ Live Mobile Learning Platform, which the company says is the first platform to let educators to deliver live, interactive classes via smartphones.

The cloud-based platform works with the iPhone and gives students the freedom to participate in live classes anywhere/anyplace and providing teachers a vital conduit for live engagement.

WizIQ says its Live Mobile Learning Platform enables educators and learners to use mobile learning as a primary learning channel replete with live interactions, convenience, and responsiveness. Built on a cloud-based LMS, the new mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store. The mobile app for Android is scheduled to be available on the Google Play store soon.

The WizIQ mobile platform extends learning beyond the physical classroom, providing educators opportunities to create and utilize real-time, direct connections to students. With the ability to enhance live-course convenience, collaboration and engagement through mobile delivery, educators at K-12 schools, universities and in corporate learning centers can expand their online education menus and still deliver a true classroom experience.

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Laura Ascione

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