University’s digital badges to certify “discrete” skills

Students in Brandman University’s CBE program will earn badges to certify competencies required for workforce success

digital-badgesBrandman University, a private nonprofit institution, has teamed up with Credly, provider of platforms for managing lifelong credentials, in an effort to enable learners to attain, manage, and share portable digital badges and credentials earned through Brandman’s online competency-based degree programs.

Brandman, which uses direct assessment as part of the university’s new competency-based education programs, will issue official digital badges to certify discrete skills as students advance through degree-based programs.

Competency-based education (CBE) is an innovative educational method that matches the skills most needed in a 21st century workforce with a formal degree program. With digital badges validating each skill, learners will be able to put evidence of their abilities to work in real time in the pursuit of professional opportunities.

“Employers inform us that there is a need to validate the skill set of business students and graduates” said Gary Brahm, Chancellor of Brandman University. “Digital badges will arm our students with a form of professional capital that has immediate value in the workplace.”

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Laura Ascione

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