McGraw-Hill Education debuts updated SmartBook reading platform

3. LearnSmart has been shown to help students improve by an average of one letter grade

“As the digital learning landscape evolves, SmartBook caters even more to what learners need on a personalized level, allowing them to feel more confident and achieve greater success,” said David Levin, president and chief executive officer of McGraw-Hill Education. “With this release, we’ve taken SmartBook’s already robust feature set and advanced it. Now, at each and every moment along the learning journey, students will have access to additional resources that will give them multiple ways to understand the concepts they study and help them improve outcomes.”

On Jan. 8, McGraw-Hill Education CEO David Levin highlighted SmartBook and the power of learning technology during his keynote address at TransformingEDU, a CES Summit bringing together leading experts, educators, entrepreneurs and investors in a discussion around changes in pre-K through 20 education.

Kurt Strand, the chief product officer of McGraw-Hill Education’s Higher Ed group, participated in a panel discussion at TransformingEDU focusing on innovation in higher education. The panel also featured Anne Praderas Vance, assistant professor at Austin Community College. In September 2014 at the annual EDUCAUSE conference, McGraw-Hill Education and Austin Community College announced that they had teamed to deliver “the world’s largest adaptive math emporium.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione