Robot platform for STEM to inspire next generation

Resources for educators and college students include iRobot® Create® 2 programmable robot, 3D printable files and starter project instructions

Create Hero

Educators and students interested in next-level robotics education now have the chance to not only program and design robots, but work with online printable 3D files.

iRobot Corp., which delivers robotic technology-based solutions, announced  updates to the company’s STEM outreach program, including the launch of Create 2–a pre-assembled robot platform, based off the company’s Roomba® that gives educators, students and developers firsthand robotic programming experience.

iRobot also unveiled online resources, including 3D printable files for new parts, faceplate drilling template and educational projects and instructions.  Educational projects are designed to get users up and running quickly with their Create robot, said the company.

“As a global leader in robotics technology, iRobot believes its greatest social responsibility is to ignite students’ passion for STEM-related careers through the excitement of robots,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. “Robots have a cool factor unlike any other learning tool. Create 2, with its online resources, reliable hardware born of the award winning Roomba, and ease of customization delivers more robot than anything available to students and educators at or near its price. We are so excited to be able to make this available to the educational community.”

DJ Create 2
DJ Create 2

According to the company, iRobot’s multi-faceted STEM program provides universities with a range of resources to help bolster STEM learning–from programmable technology and robot activity books to classroom visits, tours and mentoring.

As part of the company’s commitment to supporting STEM education in schools, iRobot is building upon its program to include:

  • Create 2 programmable robot platform – a pre-assembled mobile robot based on the Roomba 600 Series that provides an out-of-the-box opportunity for educators, students and developers to program behaviors, sounds, movements and add additional electronics
  • Projects and instructions – basic programming examples and starter projects of varying difficulty to give students and educators a head start on their first robot programming assignment. Initial projects for students and educators include:
    • “DJ Create 2,” – a roaming, robotic DJ that allows for control of music through a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device
    • “Light Bot,” which uses a light painting tutorial to create LED images
  • 3D printable files – instructions and files to build new parts with 3D printing, including how to replace the bin with a cargo tray and for additional project parts (3D printer not included)
  • Communication cable – a serial to USB cable to send commands from a desktop or other computing device to the robot
  • Face plate drill template – for safe drilling into the Create 2 and mounting of hardware for projects, said the company

iRobot is the lead organizer and founder of National Robotics Week, which will be held April 4-12, 2015. National Robotics Week provides opportunities for students and educators to learn about robotics through a variety of events across all 50 states.

Create Tether
Create Tether.

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Create 2 Pricing and Availability

Create 2 is available in the US starting on December 10, 2014 for $199.99. Additional detail on features and availability can be found on

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