Unique LMS emerges for developing countries

Windows 8.1 and Android-based LMS developed for emerging markets to revolutionize the education industry

LMS-countries-microsoftWe’ve all heard the disappointing stories of plopping tablets into develop countries’ students’ hands expecting a learning revolution. But now, leading ed-tech companies have come together to create a tablet-specific learning management system (LMS) to get innovative learning off the ground.

Mobiliya, an AgreeYa Mobility company, today announced the launch of Mobiliya Edvelop, a “cutting-edge” Windows 8.1 and Android-based LMS for emerging markets that that company says is “revolutionizing the education industry.”

Powered by Microsoft’s Office 365 and leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and OneDrive, Mobiliya Edvelop is compatible with Windows 8 and Android tablets to enable students and teachers—separated by time and distance—to remotely connect and communicate in digital classrooms with pre-packaged and customizable workflows.

“Universities and educational institutions throughout emerging markets distribute tablets to student populations reflecting an understanding of the importance of the digital classroom and staying connected via an LMS learning pedagogy,” says Krish Kupathil, CEO of Mobiliya. “Indian and Chinese geographies are the key to our product’s success, as these regions invest in education innovation and the adoption of custom, differentiated tablets for both the public and private school sectors.”

Tablets, smart phones and cloud-based collaboration tools are not only revolutionizing the workplace, they’re also enabling educational institutions throughout emerging markets to take quantum leaps forward, explained the company.

Emphasizing an “easy-to-use experience” for both learners and educators, Mobiliya Edvelop offers tools for “easy-to-access” lectures, class libraries, online testing, assignment submission and performance scorecards to assess progress.

The Microsoft-backed platform also aims to reduce time educators spend on non-teaching administrative activities such as grading, data-entry, paperwork and course management through one-click deployment, single-user administrative tools and Excel-based teacher tools for cached questions and timetables. Mobiliya Edvelop provides these educators with what it says are innovative tools for creating video presentations, group collaboration spaces, real-time attendance reports, assignment housing and administering online tests.

We developed Mobiliya Edvelop with simplicity in mind and have harnessed the power of Microsoft’s Office 365 in prepackaged education workflows,” adds Ankush Tiwari, mobile director and SVP of Mobiliya. “By deploying Mobiliya Edvelop, we have revolutionized the classroom far ahead of what others are doing in this space.”

Mobiliya Edvelop is fully compatible with Mobiliya Shoonya, a solution for extensible device management, and Mobiliya KratOS, a secure Android platform.

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