Cengage Learning and Cerego Tap the Science of Teaching and Learning to Improve Student Outcomes with Adaptive Learning Technology

Strategic partnership enhances MindTap platform to support mastery in Intro to Psychology courses

Boston, MA, December 9, 2014 — Today’s Psychology students are required to understand and apply large quantities of information and complex concepts. To provide them with the tools necessary for success, Cengage Learning, a global education company, and Cerego, the essential memory management tool, have partnered to integrate adaptive learning technology with the MindTap platform for the Psychology discipline beginning in 2015. Using a series of integrated apps, called MindApps, the MindTap platform provides a premier e-learning environment that delivers high levels of engagement to inspire improved student outcomes.

Particularly important in the study of Psychology, the Mastery Training MindApp powered by Cerego measures the rate of information absorption and memory decay, simultaneously calculating the precise moment to review in order to achieve quick and long-lasting learning. Cerego’s Memory Bank, a personalized visualization of learning progress, maps activation and memory strength across all courses and individual items studied. The Memory Bank makes learning and re-learning more efficient and effective by developing a granular, real-time understanding of progress for each unique learner. Mastery Training creates various question types, personalizing the presentation on an item-by-item and user-by-user basis. To aid retention, Mastery Training generates a forgetting curve for each student and re-presents information at the point of predicted forgetting. Progress to the learning goal is richly and visually displayed for students and instructors.

“As end-users of our solutions, Cengage is focusing more and more on students and finding ways to truly meet their individual learning needs. Cerego’s mastery training solution inspires students to build on core concepts in order to think critically,” said Jim Donohue, chief product officer, Cengage Learning. “Given the number of students who take Intro to Psychology courses and their disparate levels of understanding and varied learning goals, an adaptive solution that meets individual students where they are is powerful not only for mastering core concepts, but for building confidence — which ultimately leads to better outcomes .”

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity to elevate student thinking in the context of Psychology,” said Andrew Smith Lewis, executive chairman and cofounder, Cerego. “Our adaptive learning platform, combined with the personalized learning experience of MindTap, will meaningfully transform the way students consume and retain information.”

For more information on MindTap and the Mastery Training MindApp, please visit www.cengage.com/mindtap.

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About Cerego
Cerego is the essential memory management tool. We partner with great teachers, administrators and institutions to amplify growing minds everywhere.

Our team is comprised of experts in adaptive learning and memory science. Through our core adaptive learning platform, web application and full suite of mobile applications, we have been helping students to enrich their lives, by learning and retaining knowledge more effectively for over a decade.

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