The most affordable online colleges

College Choice releases 2015 inaugural ranking of “Most Affordable Online Colleges for Bachelor’s Degrees”

online-degree-costIn a unique college ranking based exclusively on total cost to earn an online bachelor’s degree, independent college search and rankings website College Choice has published its first annual ranking of most affordable online colleges for bachelor’s degrees.

Only colleges and universities with at least five regionally accredited online bachelor’s degree offerings were considered for the ranking.

According to Katie Amondson, lead editor for the ranking, “When considering where one can obtain an online bachelor’s degree that will work within a budget, this list will provide a definitive guide to figuring total costs.”

The rankings are based on the total cost to obtain an online bachelor’s degree. Often, determining the actual costs of an online education can be a challenge, as many colleges and programs incorporate fees not directly tied to tuition.

It also takes into account tuition per credit as well as total cost of fees, and is based on a typical 120-credit requirement to complete a bachelor’s degree. Data was taken directly from each school’s website and other publicly available sources.

These fees come in a wide range of types and amounts and when added to the overall cost of attendance, can often total in thousands of dollars. Knowing what these fees are and how they impact the total cost to complete an online bachelor’s degree helps potential students make more fully informed decisions, explains College Choice.

According to the ranking, Brigham Young University-Idaho campus tops the list, followed by Fort Hays State University and Baptist College of Florida.

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