10 pedagogical innovations poised to take off in 2015

Open University, ed-tech specialists say these 10 pedagogical innovations have massive potential

innovation-open-pedagogyYou may have heard about Flipped Learning, but what about Massive Open Social Learning (MOSL)? Threshold Concepts? Bricolage?

According to education technology experts at The Open University, a distance learning and research university founded by Royal Charter in the U.K., there are 10 innovations already in currency in higher education institutions today; they just haven’t had a profound influence…yet.

But that’s what 2015 is for.

Specifically, the report emphasizes that education can be dramatically enhanced by social networks. The so-called ‘network effect’ comes from thousands of people learning from each other, but it needs careful management to reach its full potential.

“Social networks have transformed entertainment from delivering books, radio and television programs into holding a global conversation. The same is about to happen with education through social learning,” said Mike Sharples, professor of Educational Technology at the OU and lead author of the Innovating Pedagogy report. “By its nature, we don’t know how this conversation will evolve. For instance, with on an online course with 10,000 learners, there are 50 million ways that pairs of them could connect directly.”

The list of innovations was compiled by a group of academics at the Institute of Educational Technology in the OU after proposing a long list of new educational terms, theories and practices. The group then pared these down to 10 that have the potential to provoke major shifts in educational practice, particularly in postsecondary education.

According to ed-tech specialists at the OU, these are the 10 pedagogical innovations poised to influence higher ed in 2015 and beyond:

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