Learner Revolution in, Ed Tech Revolution out

New report suggests investors should focus on companies servicing the “Learner Revolution,” which creates pathways of success that guide individual students

report learner revolution

The Ed Tech Revolution is on its way out, and something new is set to take its place: The Learner Revolution.

According to a new Education Design Lab report released during the recent National Education Week conference in Washington
D.C., investment in education has been mostly relegated to surface-level areas where returns are quick, but which are unfocused on the personal experiences of students.

As a result, the report suggests that investors should shift their focus to companies leading the charge towards utilizing mobile, software, and analytical platforms in order to offer services that create pathways of success and assistance for the individual learner.

Going beyond the “first and second waves” of investment in higher education, which first established online colleges and learning management systems, and then focused on creating courseware tools and data analytics, this new learner-focused “third wave” is described by the report as being “more complex–a revolution that will be more transformative.”

Thus, the “learner revolution” will be “characterized by accessible, affordable, customizable, transparent services from post-secondary providers, be they old school or new school.”

Perhaps the main reason for the arrival of the learner revolution, though, lies in its attempt to solve the issue of how to best prepare students for a higher standard of living. The report explains that the learner revolution could do this by sorting out for students which pathway might be best, based on today’s disaggregated higher education system where there are numerous models that make it possible to earn degrees.

Investors agree that higher education is currently in a position to go through great change in the coming years, leaving the door open to the refinement of higher education through the learner revolution.

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