New digital content available for academic research

Gale’s digital collections online archive aims to grow Big Data opportunities for academic researchers

digital-research-galeRecognizing the benefit of data analysis for the digital humanities field, Gale, part of Cengage Learning, will make available content from its Gale Digital Collections to academic researchers for data mining and textual analysis purposes.

Data mining and textual analysis–the process by which text or datasets are crawled by software that recognizes entities, relationships and action–can help researchers draw new conclusions among disparate data.

Data mining and textual analysis is also emerging as an important area of scholarly research, says the company.

“Gale is taking an important, industry-leading step by making content available for researchers in this way,” said Frank Menchaca, senior vice president for global product management at Gale. “Data mining coupled with our new curriculum alignment service, in which Gale maps an institution’s library resources to specific areas of faculty research and course focus, is helping our academic customers realize even more value for their investment with Gale.”

Gale explains that it will deliver content upon customer request and in a “cost-effective manner” for the use of data mining and textual analysis.

Content from most Gale Digital Collections, including essential research databases like Eighteenth Century Collections Online and Nineteenth Century Collections Online, as well as content from Gale’s newspaper archives and other collections will be made available.

In addition to content, Gale is offering new textual analysis tools within the digital archives to assist researchers who may not have programming experience or digital humanities programs at their institution. “Term cluster” and “term frequency” tools will sort through the text and index terms from the content, generating visual displays of information to help researchers easily identify relationships between words and phrases.

For questions or to speak with a Gale spokesperson, please contact Kristina Massari at Interested customers may also contact their Gale representative for more information.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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