New technology offers flat-rate for textbooks

New tech-based model offers students low flat-rate with more than 50 percent savings for full year of materials 

textbooks-campus-technologyWith the spiraling cost of course materials burdening both students and schools, Rafter, a course materials management company, yesterday announced Rafter360™ –a new tech-based solution that enables a textbooks-in-tuition model for any campus.

After students register for their courses, they are automatically provided 100 percent of their required materials for day one of class, ultimately saving them money, says the company. Two colleges currently using Rafter360, Thomas More College in Kentucky and Schreiner University of Texas, have already reported students saving 55 percent and 54 percent respectively on the costs of textbooks.

Rafter, previously known as BookRenter, is an established course materials management company that says has helped over 2 million students save more than $525 million on textbooks. Building on its course materials experience and long-term relationships with hundreds of colleges and suppliers, Rafter said it set out to redesign and transform the entire process of course materials management for students, campuses and faculty.


“It was clear there needed to be a better way to take control over the skyrocketing costs of textbooks and make sure that students have the content and materials they need to be successful,” said Sara Leoni, CEO of Rafter. “With Rafter360, we changed the game by designing the program to fully automate the course materials process. We looked painstakingly at every angle to make sure our solution would benefit all stakeholders – students, faculty, and campuses – with greatly reduced costs for students, freedom of choice for faculty when choosing course materials, and ease-of-use for administration and staff.

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