New technology offers flat-rate for textbooks

Student Savings

For students, Rafter360 offers a flat rate price that has the potential to save them over 50 percent of traditional costs. This reduced fee is factored directly into their tuition, making course materials a predictable and budgeted expense, notes the company.

Studies show that textbooks and supplies cost approximately $1,200 a year and some 65 percent of students have decided to not buy a textbook due to expense.


With Rafter360, once a student is registered for their courses, professors adopt materials (in print or digital format) and the system then manages the process “seamlessly behind the scenes,” explains the company. “All students need to do is pick up their package of materials waiting for them at the campus bookstore or the campus can opt to have the entire order sent to students’ homes. Students log in to the system to start using any digital materials.  Based on a library model, when the academic session is over, students return the textbooks to the campus store and keep or recycle used workbooks and trade materials.”

Potential campus benefits

By adopting Rafter360, the company aims to help colleges differentiate themselves as student advocates and technology innovators, as well as create a path to the future as instructional materials evolve from print textbooks into digital experiences.

According to Bill Muse, VP of Administration and Finance at Schreiner University, “For Schreiner to get on the leading edge like we have by offering a books-in-tuition solution, it was really critical that we were able to partner with a provider like Rafter. We could not have done this on our own. Students love the convenience and the level of service in the bookstore. It’s a win-win and we are delighted.”

Pricing and availability

Rafter360 is now available by contacting Brian Bates at 650.393.8698 or emailing rafter360@rafter.com. The price is individualized per school based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account each school’s unique historical textbook adoption and course enrollment data.

More information about Rafter360 can be found at www.rafter.com/our-solutions/rafter360/

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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