Virtual career fairs aim to offer employers the opportunity to visit more campuses than before; help students find right career for them

virtual-career-fair Chegg is announcing a new area of expansion to its Career Service Center with the launch of virtual career fairs.

These virtual career fairs are real-time, online gatherings between prospective students and employers. Companies like United Healthcare have participated in preliminary fairs, and beginning later this month the career fairs will occur on an ongoing monthly basis with companies such as Adobe. Chegg is launching the virtual career fairs using Brazen Careerist’s platform.

With virtual career fairs, Chegg aims to add value for both students and employers by re-imagining how career centers should work in today’s digital age. These virtual career fairs address a “glaring need identified by both students and employers that current campus services don’t meet: the ability to interact with best-fit candidates and positions on a large scale and get direct feedback,” said the company.

For students, Chegg believes the virtual fairs are an opportunity to interact with employers from across the country that may not have the ability to visit every campus. For employers, it can be an opportunity to virtually visit many more campuses than would be possible through traditional career fairs.

Chegg also believes that companies can meet prospective candidates from more diverse backgrounds than would otherwise be possible–“by hosting a virtual career fair that targets candidates en masse with specific backgrounds, companies have the opportunity to expand their brand and change the way students perceive them; for example, a company known for design can effectively host a fair to hire positions in operations or engineering, when typical career fairs would not help them target these demographics of students in high volume,” explained the company.

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