New tool for managing open access

Wiley’s online tool aims to automate account administration for open access funds

dashboard-wiley-openJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc. has launched the Wiley Open Access Account Dashboard, an online tool that aims to simplify management of open access funds for institutions and funders.

In what the company says is a first for a global publisher, the dashboard provides funder and institutional customers with “complete control” over their open access funds online.

“Any time, any where customers can log-in online and view and make decisions on their account,” said Natasha White, associate marketing director and author engagement at Wiley. “The Dashboard gives them control of all payment requests, allowing customers to review and approve or deny payment requests from authors who have selected their institution or funder account to pay their article publication charges (APC). Customers can also query payment requests and make an online note with Wiley before approving or denying. When approved the payment is added or deducted from their account.”

There are over 42 Wiley Open Access Account holders who pay open access charges on behalf of their authors publishing with Wiley. Until now, the processing of payments for these account holders was completed manually. Each request was submitted individually to the publisher and sent onto the account holder for decision. The Wiley Open Access Account Dashboard reduces this administrative burden and provides account holders with the tools they need to manage and report on their open access funds, notes the company.

“The Account Dashboard automates account administration, making it more efficient by enabling customers to manage their accounts online,” noted the company.

The Dashboard, explained White, was developed with funders and institutions in mind. Many funders require the published output of funded research to be made freely available. Funders also provide monies to institutions for open access payments. As a result, institutions are under increasing pressure to manage and report on article publication charges for open access publications.

Wiley’s open access technology simplifies this process and ensures transparency, said the company. The Dashboard’s reporting function generates statements that include historical payments, the articles funding sources and any discounts provided by Wiley. The Dashboard also enables account holders to check their account balance, top up account funds, and receive email reminders for reports and payments.

“The Wiley Open Access Account Dashboard…gives an aggregate view of all open access papers they have funded,” said Rachel Burley, Wiley vice president and director of Open Access said. “We designed the site in consultation with our customers and so it is expressly intended to save them time by making open access fund management and reporting automated, fast and simple.”

Instead of copying and pasting the details into an Excel sheet or requesting the information from Wiley this information is stored online in the Dashboard; when a customer wants a full report for a specific time period, they can click to download into Excel.

“I like to compare it to the launch of your online bank account: instead of waiting for a monthly statement you can go online, do various actions to manage your payments and see your bank statement online in real time. Customers can also receive regular reports on a monthly basis and edit their account information such as an email address for alerts. When they see that their funds are getting low customers can click and request to receive a top up invoice,” White said.

So that their customers can make informed decisions, the Dashboard allows them to download spend reports from the dashboard and into Excel, said the company. Then, they can merge this with other reports to give an overview of open access spend, as well as allowing for reporting back to both funders and managers.

The Account Dashboard is now available for all Wiley Open Access Account holders.

Hayley Goodman contributed to this press release. Goodman is an editorial intern with eCampus News.

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