Online tool to replace print AND online resources

REVEL weaves text-based reading with multimedia to solve the challenge of engaging students in critical discussion

revel-tool-pearsonA digital learning tool half the price of a textbook is taking on the market as a one-stop online resource with the goal of better engaging today’s multimedia-consuming students in meaningful class discussions.

The tool is called REVEL, one of Pearson’s latest products aimed at fostering deeper thinking to prepare students for higher-level courses, all why trying to design material in a way today’s students consume content.

By providing what the company says is engaging study materials that can replace both the printed textbook and existing online learning tools for General Studies courses via a fully mobile experience [the tool is also available on the computer], Pearson hopes to solve what it explains is one of the biggest challenges for educators today: dealing with students who are unprepared for critical discussion.

According to the company, students’ lack of preparation is often due to not fully completing reading assignments and not coming to class fully prepared to do college-level work.

REVEL quizzing on an iPad.
REVEL quizzing on an iPad.

However, students often say that in many of their courses, and particularly some of their elective courses, the study materials are passive, laborious and not reflective of how they interact with content.

“In many general education courses, we consistently hear faculty lament that students come into class having not read the book or completed the assignment,” Pearson’s managing director of Higher Education, Paul Corey, said. “Reading remains a core and critical foundational skill, and with the ubiquity of information today, it could be argued that ‘critical reading’ is even more important than ever.”

“With all the advances made in technology, pedagogy and learning science, reading can now be augmented with rich media and interactivity to spark engagement, curiosity and the excitement of learning new things in new ways,” he continued. “We created REVEL as a response to what we have heard from scores of faculty and students over the years, and also as part of our public pledge to have all our products and solutions be on a path to demonstrated efficacy.”

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