New app lets educators annotate presentations in real time

Need to brush up presentations then display them instantly? There’s an app for that

casio-app-projector Casio America Inc. has introduced a new, free mobile application called C-Assist that allows educators to display and annotate content for classroom presentations in real time.

The app, which offers educators a suite of tools that work wirelessly in conjunction with Casio’s portfolio of projectors, including the Ultra Short Throw XJ-UT310WN, allows educators to display and annotate content and presentations directly from a mobile device and is compatible with both Apple® and Android® platforms, says the company.

“Classroom technology should empower and enhance a teacher’s performance, in addition to encourage a higher level of engagement among students,” said Matt Mustachio, general manager of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “With C-Assist, teachers will have a full set of tools at their disposal which are tailored to increase efficiency and dynamically transform the classroom.”

C-Assist has a PC Control function that allows the teacher to control and access content on a PC remotely and display content on a PC connected to the projector. By activating the device camera with the app, educators can project photos in real time.

There is also an image capture function using the mobile device’s camera to snap an image and send it directly to a Casio projector. While using C-Assist, educators can also access the web and project online content on a large screen.

“The Current 1:1 and 1:M education efforts are resulting in the rapid adoption of tablets and mobile devices in the classroom. An app like C-Assist frees a teacher from standing at their desk to access lesson plans and content,” explained Joseph Gillio, director of product marketing in Casio’s Business Products Division.

Educators can even display content directly from Casio’s graphing calculators, including the color fx-CG10/PRIZM and ClassPad400 models, by plugging the calculators’ USB cable into the projector, said the company, offering educators the chance to solve mathematical problems step-by-step, and display graphs and content that would otherwise need additional software or hardware.

“Since the teacher is no longer standing at their desk they can move about the class and interact with the students. With the multi-user capability a teacher can share a student or groups work further engaging and encouraging students,” Gillio said.

C-Assist is a free app with no download limitations so it can be deployed in single grade, department or entire campus without any additional expense. The app was just made available on the iTunes and Google Play stores and is being evaluated and tested at several schools and institutions.

Material from a press release was used in this report, written by Hayley Goodman, eCampus News intern.

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