A new pathway for job-seeking IT students

CodersTrust focuses on helping students improve their IT and coding skills for outsourcing and the online freelance market


According to a report by McKinsey, freelance portals will create more than 150 million jobs globally by 2025.

And a new education startup called CodersTrust is aiming to teach students new IT and coding skills in order to land those freelance and outsourcing jobs–a goal that CodersTrust believes will be critical for future economies.

For example, Elance, one of the major online freelance job portals, has a whopping 54 percent of its listed jobs in the IT & Programming category, with those jobs going for over $2 billion dollars total.

By keeping an eye on the industry and identifying these trends in outsourcing and freelance jobs, CodersTrust says it has created a “unique education pathway” to help students obtain these often higher paying jobs.

Enrolling in the CodersTrust program, which the program explains provides both microfinance and e-learning courses, allows students to bypass the need for obtaining degrees from expensive traditional or 2-year institutions by directly upgrading their IT and web/mobile programming skills.

The company is seeking to train 100,000 students in the next three years.

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