New MOOC for admins promises better online students

MOOC designed for administrators highlights shift in higher education to marketing

MOOC-enrollment-tocquignyIn what’s being billed as an industry first, a new MOOC for administrators promises to increase online enrollment and retention of online learners.

The free four-week online course, designed by an Austin-based digital marketing agency, Tocquigny—a company whose clients include Regent University and Rice University—says it will offer “expert insight into the strategies and tactics necessary for universities and colleges to improve enrollment in their existing, new and future online degree programs.

Regent and Rice, which have tapped Tocquigny to launch new campaigns aimed at generating applicants and lifting donor engagement, are just a handful of the company’s higher-ed clients, which are supporting this higher-ed marketing MOOC and its potential.

The online course, “Online Recruitment of Online Learners” is designed for directors of enrollment, admissions directors and marketing directors at institutions who are concerned about the number of students in their online programs.

The course will be taught by Colin Gilligan, Tocquigny’s Vice President of Media and Planning; and topics will include: digital lead generation, social media, branding, campaign measurement and analytics.

Colin has led the development of Tocquigny’s higher education client’s marketing strategies for the past five years, and has mapped trends in media consumption, competitive brand/message creation and marketing techniques to generate conversion to application for students.

“As competition for student recruitment continues to intensify, the higher education industry is in desperate need of in-depth and impactful insights on how to improve online enrollment,” said Yvonne Tocquigny, the agency’s CEO. “Online Recruitment of Online Learners will enable universities and colleges at all levels a cost-effective opportunity to not just improve, but also sustain, the number of students who continue to choose online education as a chief means of learning.”

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