How Office Mix is a powerful tool for blended or flipped learning

15 features that make the free Office Mix software a resource for any teacher involved in flipped or blended learning

office-mix-learningOffice Mix is a free addition for PowerPoint 2013 that lets you turn PowerPoint documents into interactive online lessons or presentations. It takes any existing or new PowerPoint presentation to a whole new level, making it easy to create resources for flipped or blended learning. Here are 15 reasons Office Mix should be part of your “teaching toolbox.”

1. You can leverage existing resources.

Many teachers have existing PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics. These presentations can be revisited and reused by quickly converting them to a Mix. With little time and effort, an existing teaching resource that is only moderately effective in a flipped or blended learning environment can become a much more effective learning resource. The difference between these two types of resources is outlined in the article “It’s called blended learning (not blended teaching) for a reason.”

2. Mix allows narration of presentations.

The narrations can be audio only, or teachers can insert a video of themselves narrating the lesson. The built-in microphone and camera that comes with most laptops is sufficient for recording this audio or video. Thus, many teachers already have the tools needed to begin immediately.

3. Slides can be annotated with free-form inking.

Using an on-screen pen to annotate and highlight key points during narration allows the teacher to draw the student’s attention to important points. Teachers also can write on slides in a free-form way.

4. Screen recordings and screen shots can be inserted easily.

This takes Office Mix well beyond an incremental improvement to a presentation. Teachers can record anything on their screen and include it in the Mix. For example, if the teacher is explaining some aspect of ancient Egyptian sculpture, he or she could visit a website covering this topic, record and annotate the exploration of this website, and place this recording into a slide in the Mix stack.

The Office Mix controls within PowerPoint

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