Alumni get next-gen event treatment thanks to new software helps universities invest in one of their biggest assets: alumni

alumni-attend-eventRelatively new to the higher-ed market, is helping college and university teams to boost alumni attendance by over 50 percent, thanks to next-generation event planning software that can do everything from on-the-fly name tag printing to tracking engagement metrics.

“Personalization is always key in engagements, and it’s really the little things that can turn a one-size-fits-all event into something memorable,” said Matthew Wainwright, director of marketing for “Our solution is all about letting technology do what it does best: free[ing] up the event planner to tap deeper into his or her skillset and find more creative ways to personalize the attendee experience.

And why is throwing great alumni events important? Because according to Clayton Christensen, creator of the term ‘disruptive innovation,’ alumni are going to become critical in helping colleges and universities stay alive in the future.

“After a lecture I did, a university official pointed out people in the audience, as well as board members, who gave substantial funds to the university. They were all alumni…I predict that those universities that in a decade from now will be in turmoil will only see themselves survive another day because of the resources provided by loyal alumni,” he said.

“There is no question that the higher education landscape is changing,” said Michael Perry, director of alumni engagement at Dalhousie University, which is currently using “The ability to build and sustain a strong alumni network has never been more important. Whether through volunteerism or financial contributions, alumni make significant contributions.”

That’s one of the reasons Dalhousie—with more than 120,000 alumni worldwide, and in the last year has hosted 120 events attracting more than 15,000 attendees—chose to work with, a company that started a little over a year ago and uses distinctive event-planning features part of their software to make alumni feel valued and allow institutions to provide the most engaging and meaningful events possible.

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