Consultation with the city’s Housing & Homeless Service is already under way to meet specific homeless shelter requirements for living arrangements. Eventually the ambition is to scale the program so it assists about 30 people. As growth continues, space needs are expected to be a primary concern for the shelter.

“Using TechShop for a prototype was fine, but we definitely need our own space, and we definitely need to have the live-in [housing] component.” Roth said. “It may be expensive, but we have to do it.”

Such costs are to be supported by program sponsors, and Roth now seeks a new executive director to coordinate funding efforts, as well as a revised applicant outreach and screening process under development with voluntary support from Google. Through volunteer hours, Google staff have committed to help create criteria for interviews and plan strategies for a review of shelter candidates.

The shelter is also seeking local partnership with manufacturing companies that may act as potential employers for graduates and the San Francisco startup Akimbo, a new social media career site designed to connect blue collar and trade skill workers with employers.

“We need to cast a broader net and talk to more people this time,” Roth said, “we just want to enhance the recruitment process.”

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