New Interactive Multimedia Helps Faculty Create More Dynamic, Engaging Courses

Adapt Courseware is Expanding its Content Repository in Four New Disciplines

Las Vegas, NV – September 22, 2014 – Adapt Courseware, which develops state-of-the-art interactive multimedia, continues to expanded its content repository, giving faculty the opportunity to easily assemble adaptive, media rich courses that personalize the learning experience and produce tangible results. Through dynamic, professionally produced interactives, videos and assessments, faculty can engage students in a more active learning environment that meets their digital literacy expectations.

Interactive, adaptive multimedia is now available in the disciplines of American Government, Business Law and College Success. Adapt Courseware, which is also on track to release College Algebra in the coming months, takes an innovative approach to content development that leverages the talents of award winning entertainment producers and animators in collaboration with academics and instructional designers. Graphics, interactives and videos not only utilize multiple senses and channels for learning, but also adjust based on a student’s knowledge and aptitude, keeping each one engaged and progressing at the optimal level.

“At Adapt Courseware, we recognize that academic content can be so much more than a static, one-way regurgitation of textbook information – students want and need more from their courses,” said Mark Brodsky, CEO of Adapt Courseware. “By merging content and interactivity, we are creating resources that allow faculty and students to connect with information and each other in new, personalized and more relevant ways. Our validation studies demonstrate that this kind of approach works, with schools experiencing higher student retention, completion and satisfaction rates.”

Adapt Courseware combines its content repository with an easy-to-use authoring toolset and comprehensive data analytics to help faculty develop and deploy online courses. Faculty can gain deeper insights into student performance and understand the impact of content on the learning process.

The company’s robust repository of interactive, adaptive multimedia also includes content in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Introduction to Marketing, Financial Accounting, Statistics, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Organizational Behavior, Foundations of Reading and Writing, and Intermediate Algebra.

About Adapt Courseware
Adapt Courseware delivers a modern approach to antiquated text books through its adaptive learning repository of award winning multimedia interactives, videos, and assessments. Its powerful, competency-based content aggregation and delivery toolset integrates with a school’s LMS. Instructors can apply content in comprehensive course offerings or use the company’s authoring environment to combine adaptive multimedia with their own content, facilitating a more personalized and engaging experience. Adapt Courseware’s validation studies demonstrate how colleges and universities around the country are using its adaptive multimedia to realize measurable learning outcomes, including double digit improvements in retention and completion, as well as increased student satisfaction.

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