Bill to bridge university STEM research to practical applications

Millions of dollars could be invested to allow university research to have a significant impact in ‘real life’

manufacturing-STEM-billIt seems that Congress is trying to put money where its mouth is thanks to recent legislation that aims to provide millions of dollars to establish institutes for STEM innovation that would allow university research to develop into practical application, keeping innovation alive in the U.S. and not just overseas.

The six Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation (IMIs), part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), began in a push by the Obama Administration to enhance U.S. innovation competitiveness by supporting development of STEM technologies that could help the country compete in the global marketplace.

NNMI would act as an industry/government co-funded public-private partnership and would eventually consist of up to 45 institutes connecting manufacturing and engineering businesses and universities in areas of industry that need a technology invigoration.

Of course, though the idea is great in theory, nothing in government grand-schemes to boost the U.S. economy is free—and that’s where the Revitalizing American Manufacturing Innovation (RAMI) Act of 2013 comes in.

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