College first in the nation for these admissions

Goucher College says video admissions promote equity, passion

video-admissions-goucherIn what could be considered not only a unique marketing move for a brand-conscious college, but also a giant step forward in creating admissions equity for a more diverse population, Goucher College today has become the first college in the nation to create an application option requesting student-submitted videos as the decisive factor for admission.

Beginning the 2015-16 academic year, students can choose not to submit transcripts, test scores, and other traditional application materials; and instead send a two-minute video about how they see themselves succeeding at the college.

The move, says the Baltimore, Maryland-based, private liberal arts College, is unique in that while other innovative institutions are requesting videos to supplement their application processes, Goucher is the first to offer self-produced video as the crux of the admissions decision.

It’s also unique in that the College hopes to demystify and de-stress the admissions process and create a more transparent application for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, said Goucher in a statement.

“…we believe students are more than just numbers and other data on their academic records,” said José Bowen, president of Goucher. “Access to higher education should be about potential and not just previous achievement. With the Goucher Video App (GVA), we want to attract capable, passionate students who want a liberal arts education that leads to solid careers and sustains a lifetime of learning.”

The GVA is part of a much larger move by Bowen to get ahead of the branding race in higher education marketing—a race he says is being created because of technology.

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