New visuals highlight how leading universities have the same collaborative characteristics as startups

startups-universities-collaborationThere’s growing momentum around the question as to whether or not colleges and universities should run like startups; in other words, should higher-ed institutions cater more to the economy with collaboration, curriculum, and services to pipeline students for jobs? However, it seems many practices implemented in leading universities may already embody the collaborative startup mentality.

“Universities need to be run like startups, or risk becoming obsolete,” writes Best Value Schools, creator of the infographic (based on multiple data sources) and a champion of pipelining students for ‘valuable’ degrees.

According to the online resource for students (Best Value School), “the Golden age of universities” may be over, with statistics that reveal:

  • One-third of students won’t finish college
  • Tuition has increased faster than inflation
  • Student debt is at an all-time high
  • Two-thirds of students leave with debt
  • The value of the Bachelor degree “has fallen every year since 2000”
  • Two-thirds of teachers are part-time and non-tenure track

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