National survey reveals how employees feel about their college degrees and their relevance to their jobs

degree-skills-surveyAccording to a recent national survey on whether employees value their degrees more than skills training, though most employees say higher education is still a must, skills training is what’s more important to their career.

Riding the recent waves of criticism from the general public on the high cost of tuition, lack of employment post-graduation, and perceived de-valuing of the traditional degree from employers, many new initiatives in higher-ed have taken root—from competency-based education (CBE) pathways to skills training programs beginning as early as high school.

But apart from vague inklings on the rising value of career skills, it’s important to look at national statistics of what employees currently in the job market are saying.

Enter Glassdoor’s Q2 2014 Employment Confidence Survey: An online survey within the U.S. by Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor [a career recruitment company] from June 9-11, 2014, which polled 2,059 adults ages 18 and older of whom 996 are currently employed full/part time.

“The national conversation about the value of higher education and gainful employment is a topic alive within companies,” said Rusty Rueff, a Glassdoor career and workplace expert. “While education is still valued as one piece of the puzzle for a successful career, we’re seeing a shift in the workplace in which most employees feel gaining the latest skills relevant to their job and industry is more valuable to help advance their careers, and they’re feeling it’s what employers are truly seeking to really help move business forward.”

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