Hot technology trends in higher education


Campus security is a significant issue and a larger priority at schools and universities across the country. Video and data analytics is one of the solutions that campus safety departments are leveraging to provide an added level of protection. Video monitoring software and hardware are becoming more prevalent as a way to not only monitor areas of concern, but also as a way to collect large amounts of data, analyze that data, and implement preventative measures based on the results.

And it goes far beyond replacing a burned out walkway light, to identifying predator patterns and behavioral recognition. While institutions are consolidating data centers and servers, smart data storage and data management for created content and video is a top concern. This type of video and data collection requires large amounts of processing and storage capacity that must be factored into IT strategies and resourcing.

These trends may not look much different from what commercial enterprises are facing, but they do require planning and resourcing in order to ensure that universities and colleges can leverage technology solutions and products to meet the requirements of today’s complex and multi-faceted mission.

Bob Burwell is Chief Technology Officer State, Local Government and Education for NetApp.