Students attracted to tech program’s innovation, degrees towards careers

tech-enrollment-collegesEnrollment at Wake Tech reached a record high this week, as 22,000 students shuffled back onto the college’s five campuses – or logged onto its website – for the first day of classes.

That’s more than 500 more students than enrolled the first day last fall. Thirty percent of Wake County school system graduates will be attending Wake Tech this year, up .7 percent from last year.

As the largest community college in North Carolina, Wake Tech is adjusting to increasing demands. An 87,000-square-foot building on the Northern Wake Campus is scheduled to be completed by 2015 and include classrooms, a library, a tutoring center and disability support services.

Bryan Ryan, senior vice president of curriculum education services, believes the growth can be attributed to many factors, including the strength of the college’s technical programs.

“One of the reasons that those programs continue to be interesting to our students and high school graduates is that we haven’t let those programs become stale,” Ryan said. “We continue with new programs that are of interest and of need in our workplace.”

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