These five YouTube videos explain the important role IT plays in higher ed and how their services can improve the university experience

youtube-ITIT plays an integral role in the university experience. However, in our rapidly changing and interconnected world, what resources, tools, and strategies do IT personnel need to stay ahead? How will IT adapt and grow in the evolving ed-tech landscape?

Videos are some of the best teaching tools available to IT leaders, and YouTube offers a seemingly infinite number of educational channels on varying topics.

Take a look at the following five YouTube resources for admins on technology and innovation in education. If you feel that we are missing some terrific resources, please share your views and opinions with us in the comments section below and by joining the conversation on Twitter @ecampusnews.

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Bill Hogue 

Instead of merely responding to higher-ed policy issues, Vice President for IT and CIO at the University of South Carolina Bill Hogue advocates that IT adopt a more assertive and proactive approach: “I think we must set the objectives.” Dr. Hogue writes regularly on information technology issues and in 2013 was elected to the EDUCAUSE Board of Directors for a four-year term.

Watch this clip of Bill discussing five issues that he believes will challenge higher ed in the next five years.


Harvard Extension School

“There is this weird sense that the democratization of information is having exactly the opposite effect from the kind of internet utopians thought was going to happen,” said Harry Lewis, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and moderator of a panel series at Harvard University called “Higher Education in the Networked Age.”

What is the role of the university in monitoring or educating how students access information on the internet? See what these experts have to say during about the future of ed-tech in higher ed.


CIO – Technology for higher education makes a valuable IT investment

How has IT in higher ed changed for faculty and students? When asked how CIOs should manage their strategic planning, Igor Steinberg, chief information officer at Wisconsin Department of Justice, suggested shrinking the strategic planning cycle time. Listen to Dr. Steinberg elaborate on this process by watching, “CIO: Technology for higher education makes a valuable IT investment.”


Women in IT

Recently, there has been a push to promote the study of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) among women. While men have traditionally dominated these fields, women are increasingly occupying tech and computer science positions. See what women at Clover Park Technical College have to say about what inspired to pursue IT careers, and the challenges and opportunities they face.


Information Technology at Western Kentucky University

In today’s rapidly changing ed-tech landscape, how can a university’s IT department stay one step ahead of student needs and concerns? This behind-the-scenes clip shows how Western Kentucky University IT has evolved to handle anything for faculty, staff, and students from fixing printers to resolving server issues.

Watch how WKU has become at a leader of providing tech support here.


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