Google Drive’s new changes could improve classroom collaboration

Some new features and changes are hitting Google Drive, which could significantly enhance collaboration

Denys Prykhodov /

In case you haven’t noticed the recent changes already, it’s well worth pointing out that Google is making some interesting changes to their Google Drive service.

At the heart of this overhaul, which affects both the desktop and the mobile app versions of Google Drive, are a host of minor changes that center on making the file sharing and cloud-based storage system easier to use.

Immediately, users will notice a more fluid and streamlined interface that moves Drive closer to the familiar look that most people expect from a Google product, while at the same time bridging the gap between the desktop and mobile versions in order to make the two appear more similar.

And as would be expected, the changes are also aimed at making the service faster (both in general use and in file upload speed), which is partially accomplished thanks to Google giving users the ability to utilize familiar commands and practices, such as drag and drop functionality from the desktop and the ability to highlight multiple files at once in order to take group actions.

To see the new Drive features in action for yourself, check out this helpful video overview from Google:

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The question is: Will these changes add anything to the learning experience of the modern college student?

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