Company Selected to Lead Adaptive Learning Breakout Session at KACCS Conference

Las Vegas, NV – August 12, 2014 – Adapt Courseware, which provides state-of-the-art adaptive learning multimedia, has been selected to present a breakout session on adaptive learning strategies at the Kentucky Association of Career Colleges & Schools (KACCS) Educational Conference and Annual Meeting. Educators from the state’s largest proprietary school programs will have the opportunity to explore trends in adaptive multimedia, review research demonstrating its impact on retention and completion, and learn from implementations at schools nationwide.

“KACCS and its member schools strive to provide education that ‘works’ – essentially a learning experience that meets the unique needs of career education students and one that produces results,” said Hank Bowman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Adapt Courseware. “Keeping students engaged and progressing throughout their studies is key to helping these career-minded colleges and universities prepare students to become part of a highly qualified and competitive Kentucky workforce. We are excited to talk with KACCS schools about the benefits of adaptive learning, and how it can foster a productive experience that motivates students to stay the course and prepare for what is ahead.”

“Enhancing Instruction with Adaptive Learning Strategies” will showcase new ways to personalize the teaching and learning experience. Whether using pre-built rich multimedia content, publisher content, or a faculty member’s own online content, attendees will learn strategies to make it more interactive and adaptive so they can better engage students and achieve improved outcomes.

Bowman, who works closely with colleges and universities on their adaptive learning plans and implementations, will highlight ways instructors can leverage adaptive learning practices and analytics to increase student interaction, understand individual learning styles, dissect the effectiveness of content, and provide a higher level of personalized support. Bowman will demonstrate how adaptive, competency-based education can help students achieve the requirements and gain skills they need.

The KACCS Annual Meeting, which draws academic thought leaders from proprietary schools across the state, takes place on Friday, August 22nd on the Sullivan University campus. KACCS works cooperatively with local, state and federal authorities, public school officials, business, commerce and industry to maintain high standards for career education in the state.

About Adapt Courseware
Adapt Courseware delivers a modern approach to antiquated text books through its adaptive learning repository of award winning multimedia interactives, videos, and assessments. Its powerful, competency-based content aggregation and delivery toolset integrates with a school’s LMS. Instructors can apply content in comprehensive course offerings or use the company’s open authoring environment to combine adaptive multimedia with their own content, facilitating a more personalized and engaging experience. Adapt Courseware’s validation studies demonstrate how colleges and universities around the country are using its adaptive multimedia to realize measurable learning outcomes, including double digit improvements in retention and completion, as well as increased student satisfaction.

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