Collaboration tools and university-specific portals aside, a new web-based tool from Altmetric, called Altmetric for Institutions, enables institutions to track and evaluate the online dissemination and impact of their authored research.

Specifically, this will offer librarians, research administrators, communication officers and faculty a way of monitoring and reporting the performance of individual articles. Users can view original mentions and summary reports for these published articles at the author, group, departmental and institutional level.

The company says it can accomplish this level of tracking through collating mentions of scholarly articles across traditional and social media, blog posts, reference management tools and post-publication peer review sites. In addition to these established sources, the data will now also reflect if an article has been cited or mentioned in public policy documents, which the company says offers a “much-needed insight into the real-life application of research.”

“Altmetric for Institutions has so far proved a very useful tool for monitoring and collating information on the attention that our published research is receiving,” said Dr. Juergen Wastl, research strategy officer at Cambridge University. “It is invaluable in that we can analyze and report on data that would otherwise take weeks or months to collate—and in doing so can better support not only our departments and faculties, but also our research networks and initiatives.”

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