New tech tools, IT functionality are helping universities better leverage research for funding, marketing, and relevance

university-research-technologyThere’s not a person in the higher education world who would tell you that research—the production of, dissemination of, and funding of—isn’t mission-critical for most colleges and universities. And now, thanks to innovative IT practices, admin-created projects and cutting-edge technology tools, today’s research-intensive universities are getting a much-needed 21st Century makeover.

And one of the country’s most revered universities is leading the way with its current revamp of what it considers a cornerstone of the institution.

“The nature of sponsored research requires faculty and staff to wade through mountains of procedural and technical information to apply for and administer grant-funded research activities,” explained Patti McCabe, the director of training and communications in the office of the vice provost and dean of research.. “As the National Science Board’s March 2014 report states, ‘During the last two decades, surveys, articles, and reports have indicated that increased administrative and compliance requirements associated with federally-funded research are consuming a significant proportion of the time that our Nation’s scientists, engineers, and educators dedicate to this research.’”

“We needed to make this process easier with our website,” she continued, “easier to understand, easier to navigate, easier to meet compliance requirements. Good design, at its best, would be part of our solution.”

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