WebAssign to Provide Pre-Built Assignment Sets with Course Packs

Free collection of WebAssign question sets, labs, and quizzes now available for select textbooks

RALEIGH, N.C. — August 5, 2014 — WebAssign, a leading provider of online instructional tools for faculty and students, today announced the introduction of Course Packs, a collection of ready-to-go assignments in WebAssign created specifically for select textbooks. Available for free to WebAssign users, Course Packs provide instructors with the ability to quickly create a new WebAssign course or easily supplement existing course assignments.

Each Course Pack contains multiple assignments comprised of question sets, labs, and/or quizzes that have been carefully chosen by experienced WebAssign adopters and subject matter experts. With one click, instructors can use Course Packs to build a complete set of course assignments or augment an existing course.

“About 40% of textbook users don’t utilize the online homework features in WebAssign, limiting the breadth of resources available to instructors and students,” commented Andy Trus, product manager. “By offering free, prepackaged sets of assignments, Course Packs provide instructors with a fast and easy way to build and enrich their course.”

Course Packs are now available for select textbooks in math, physics, chemistry, and statistics. Committed to providing top-notch content and features to instructors and students, WebAssign plans to develop more Course Packs throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.

Visit the Course Packs product page to learn more and see a complete list of available Course Packs.

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