Social media’s most influential colleges

New data and infographic breaks down a college’s presence on social media and lists the most popular schools on each of the 5 major platforms

social-media-institutionsAs social media platforms continue to grow in popularity, it is becoming increasingly important for colleges and universities to maintain a respectably steady online presence, as this enables institutions to easily spread information and carve out a consistent presence in the public discourse, allowing for marketing campaigns and attracting new students in the process.

However, even though social media profiles are tools utilized by most institutions today, some colleges, say a new infographic, are certainly more adept at making the most of their online presence.

Who are the best, you ask?

Thanks to some visual data published by higher education encyclopedia CollegeAtlas, research has supposedly revealed the answer to that question. In addition to breaking down the most popular social media platforms, the most active users and the most discussed schools, the infographic reveals the top three most powerful institutions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram.

In addition to the infographic, CollegeAtlas also published a full report analyzing their research and providing detailed case studies that reveal what makes the top schools on each social media platform so successful.

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