Kindle Unlimited still not the answer to student needs, but one library may have the answer

ebook-adoption-libraryLast month, Amazon released the service Kindle Unlimited, which allows users to read from a selection of 600,000 books and thousands of audiobooks for $9.99/month on any device.

However, Kindle Unlimited is also not the first of its kind. Its competitors include Oyster and Entitle, services that offer significantly fewer books than Kindle Unlimited for a slightly lower monthly rate. With Entitle, users are limited to the number of books they obtain a month, but they own their downloads forever.

Some are asking, ‘What do unlimited services like these offer students?’ and ‘what will this mean for higher education?’

Even with the booming industry surrounding subscription eBook services, supposedly students still prefer print textbooks to digital textbooks, according to a report released by the National Association of College Stores.

Part of the reason students are still slow to adopt all-online books are because print textbooks are easier to use and have better note-taking ability, students said in an online survey from San Jose State University.

So what can campuses do to better deliver eBook services to students, and will the print textbook always reign?

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