The eCampus News 2014-15 Readers’ Choice Awards


Constellation by Meyer Sound Laboratories

Constellation has been described as a breakthrough in acoustical science providing an effective solution to the complex challenge of attaining optimal, yet flexible acoustics in building design. With Constellation, colleges and universities have the ability to design state-of-the-art multi-purpose venues without the constraints or expense of traditional materials and room shape. The acoustical effectiveness, ease of control, and invisibility of Constellation will enhance the success of your venue. “The key to the versatility of the [campus auditorium] is the Constellation system, which allows us to instantaneously reset the acoustics of the room, tailoring it to any kind of music,” said Peter Otto, director of music technology at the University of California San Diego Department of Music. “Constellation gives us the versatility of a multipurpose room without the usual compromises in acoustics. Prior to the opening of our music center we had many unhappy experiences with multipurpose rooms.”


Courseload Engage by Courseload Inc.

Courseload, an institutional solution for the delivery and use of eTextbooks and digital course materials in higher education, this year released of Courseload Engage, its next generation application designed to enhance engagement and collaboration between students and instructors. “As a student who is constantly using technology, I find Engage much more intuitive and easy to navigate than many of the other tools I’m using for my classwork. While I enjoyed using the previous version of Courseload, I’m discovering some new features and finding little tweaks that make some of my favorite features more effective,” said Violeta Geanina Tregoning, a student at Boise State University and an early tester of Engage. Eric Norton, coordinator of instructional design and digital fluency services at Boise, said instructors are able to share highlights and notes to provide students guidance about key points and also provide links to outside content contextually using Engage. “Courseload helps us improve the value of the textbook experience for students by adding social features and reducing cost,” Norton said. “Through Courseload’s e-textbook platform, student are able to make highlights and note, and then share these with each other.”


iAnnotate by Branchfire

iAnnotate is enabling over 300,000 students and teachers worldwide to read, mark up and share almost any document on their iPad or Android tablet. For students, this means a semester’s worth of notes and readings all in one place. No printing pages of reading assignments and lugging them back and forth from the library. The powerful search tool is also a major time saver: iAnnotate allows students search the entire text of their document library by keyword – this includes the document text as well as annotated notes. “I have more than saved the cost of my iPad by being able to download hundreds and hundreds of PDF files to iAnnotate instead of printing them off,” said Andre Beaty, assistant director of instructional quality at Moody Bible Institute in Illinois. “I love the way that I can highlight my PDFs, make notes on them, save them, organize them, email them, and utilize many of the other features in this app. I use iAnnotate as I teach because I can make my notes directly on the PDF I’m reviewing with students. While I teach graduate level courses on educational technology and use and recommend many different ed-tech tools, iAnnotate is my absolute favorite one that I use every day and that I tell the most people about.”