5 PD tips for the new semester

Preparing to share the training and tips with students, faculty, and staff will help them get the most out of campus technology in the fall

professional-development-tipsFaculty often want to learn more about technology integration, but have difficulty finding the time, or knowing where to start.

Many understand the basics of technology in higher education, but would like to see new ideas. They are faced with providing more training to more users with fewer resources.

To alleviate some of this stress I have compiled five professional development tips for the new semester.

Share Technology Resources

You can help students learn the technology needed in classrooms without using valuable teaching time. Simply provide access to the training they’ll need to complete the assignment, such as Excel, APA or MLA citations, or how to give effective presentations.

Once you find the training you need, sharing it is easy:

  • Post it on your blog
  • Mention the training in your syllabus
  • Use integration options to post in your learning management system (LMS) to make integration simple

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