5 PD tips for the new semester

Participate in Effective Online Teaching and Learning Training

In today’s digital world, a campus Learning Management System (LMS) is often at the center of campus teaching and learning. Learn to maximize the benefits of your LMS, even with limited training resources. Training for popular LMSs, such as Blackboard, Moodle, Google Docs, and others, are readily available.

Faculty may also benefit from providing courses on facilitating online courses in an LMS and conducting effective online discussions. You can also share training on being an effective online student so they can learn to make the most of their online learning.

Learn How to be Savvy Online 

The internet unlocks barriers and increases the information exchange, but it also presents dangers that all students, faculty, and staff need to understand. Providing access to a workshop about being savvy online may be of interest. You can also provide training on other relevant topics, such as:

  • Protecting Computers & Personal Data
  • Avoiding Hoaxes & Scams
  • Communicating Online
  • Sharing Online
  • Cell Phones
  • Online Gaming
  • Your Online Reputation

Share this training with freshmen during orientation, with faculty and staff who need a refresher on the changing best practices, or have the helpdesk share with those who need a bit more guidance.

Help Students Avoid Plagiarism

Do your students truly understand what plagiarism is? The digital nature of today’s world makes it easy to use someone’s ideas without citation. Some students don’t even know that what they are doing is wrong. How can you help students understand the need to properly cite their sources without taking away from valuable instruction time?

Provide access to online workshops that outline what plagiarism is, when citation is needed, and what online tools will help generate citations. Share this with students by assigning the training as part of their classwork and use HTML direct linking to include it in your LMS.