Op-ed: It’s time to drop the digital

The next time you’re tempted to use digital as the mechanism by which you convey expertise to those you’re trying to influence, stop

digital-classroomIt’s time to drop digital from everything. Digital humanities. Digital marketing. Digital branding. Digital agencies.

Just stop. Now.

Because Humanities are Humanities, not Digital Humanities. Marketing is Marketing, not Digital Marketing. Agencies are Agencies, not Digital Agencies.

You get my drift.

Several long-standing local agencies have recently “rebranded,” in order to emphasize digital as (somehow) something now key to their DNA (as opposed to whatever they were made of for all the years prior). I saw a similar phenomena happen fifteen years ago, when companies rushed to be identified as dot-coms, by adding “.com” to their company’s DBA, or even changing their incorporated name.

And we saw how long that lasted.

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